“AKT” from the german “act or naked”, phylosophical term used to address the action of creating a scene from oneself’s biography. 

Unipersonal inspired in the work of Tadeusz Kantor, which has the aim to turn the scenic act itself into an act of confession. This staging shows traces of old memories, passages from the past that are rebuilt from evoking the essence of the memory. Interpreted by Angelica Baños and directed by Francisco Córdova, this piece portrays a disarmed being that is showing its most primitive nature.


Direction: Francisco Córdova 

Co- creation: Francisco Córdova and Angélica Baños

Research and Interpretation: Angélica Baños


* Acad. Nicaraguense de Danza (Nicaragua. 2019)

* La Futileria (Colombia. 2019)

* La Machine Festival (Costa Rica. 2019)

* Nomad Festival (El Salvador. 2018)

* Yucatán Escénica Festival (Mérida, Mexico. 2018)

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