Stage proposal that portrays the architecture of a contemporary hell constituted by an endless labyrinth. Several terribly encouraging borderline landscapes, where men and women walk through walls in a constant effort to get nowhere. A metaphor of our dreams.

Humankind has created hell as a result of its hopes and there is nothing more human than the sentence of living within our own thoughts.

Choreography and General Direction: Francisco Córdova.

Set design: Fernando Feres.


Scenic creators:  Paola Madrid, Karen de Luna Fors, Angélica Baños, Estefanía Dondi, Mariela Puyol, Irene Recio Madrid, Alfonso Aguilar, Adrian Arriaga Madrigal, Vladimir Rodríguez, José Ramón Corral, Tlathui Maza, Maximiliano Corrales, Carlos Zamora, Luis Vallejo, Alberto Pérez, Sergio Ornelas, Johnny Millán, Jesús Guiraldi, Francisco Córdova.

Lighting Design: Fernando Feres y Francisco Córdova.

Original music and sound design: Manuel Estrella.

Costumes: Aarón Mariscales.

Assistance in literary investigation: Cristhian Córdova

Scene Direction / Regisseur: Alberto Pérez 

General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Escena S.C.

Executive Producer and Stage Manager: Arturo Cruz

Co-production: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C.

Executive Associates: Jorge Arce, Alejandro Yañez,  Itzel Schnaas

Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani.

Cultural Promoters: Lorena Azcona, Arturo Cruz

Support in Technical and Logistics Coordination: Carolina López, Fernando Barrios, Lorena Azcona

Image design, photography and publicity campaign: Lugo ©

Photos: Gabriel Ramos, Gloria Minauro, Roberto Aguilar.

Acknowledgements to:

Centro Nacional de las Artes > Extensión Académica, Coordinación Nacional de Danza, Técnicas de Movimiento, Cuauhtémoc Nájera y Técnicas de Movimiento.

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