Performer, Choreographer and Educator   |  México

Francisco Córdova is now positioned within the top performers, choreographers and educators of the international performing arts market, participating in numerous meetings and festivals in over 30 countries around the globe. In Europe, he is currently considered one of the most representative educators and performers of the new contemporary dance.


He is the Director of the Company PHYSICAL MOMENTUM, the civil society FÁBRICA ESCENA S.C, ATLAS MÉXICO Festival and the training platform TÉCNICAS DE MOVIMIENTO. He has two Master Degrees: a Master in Theatrical Studies and Stage Direction, and a Master in Stage Lighting from Institut del Teatre (IT) in Barcelona, Spain. A Bachelor´s Degree in Contemporary Dance from the National School of Dance (ENDCC) in Mexico. He also studied in Montreal, Canada with Le Jeune Ballet du Québec (JBQ) and in New York, U.S. with Ballet Hispánico (BH).


He has an uninterrupted 20 yearlong artistic career. As a performer he has been part of several companies and projects throughout the past couple of decades. Since 2006 he developed his methodological proposal BODY-ACTION, which he has taught through several workshops at the most important festivals, institutions, schools and arts centers internationally.


(AUSTRIA) SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (RUSSIA) Классы Для Своих, DAAS, Театр-студия современной хореографии (CROATIA) Festival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta Svetvinčenat > Zagreb (GERMANY) DOCK 11, B12 Festival (BELGIUM) GARAGE 29, TicTac Art Center (SINGAPORE) Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Odt Dance Fiesta (INDIA) Sanskar Festival, Dance Rulzs, Attakkalari (FINLAND) ZODIAK Center for New Dance Helsinki (HOLLAND) FONTYS Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (ISRAEL) Movement Research Israel / מחקר תנועה ישראל, Kibbutz Program Hasadna & Masa (GREECE) Krama Arts Space, Kalamata International Dance Festival (PORTUGAL) Summer Intensive (CZECH REPUBLIC) Konzervatoř Duncan Center (ITALY) AND Academia Nazzionali di Danza de Roma, SLIP Scola di circo, Lab QuattroX4, OstiaDanza (SPAIN) DELTEBRE Festival Deltebre Dansa, La Caldera Barcelona, LaCerda, AREA Espai de Dansa i creació, nunART, Nau Ivanow, L´struch, Tragant dansa, Bambu Danza, PAD Sevilla, CC.Barceloneta, EDAE, Escuela Celra, latiNOlati (COLOMBIA) Festival Danza en la ciudad, Danza Común, Cortocinecis- CENDA (COSTA RICA) Reves, La Machine Fest  (ECUADOR) TAXI, Compañia Nacional de Camara (BRAZIL) Red Festival Dança em Trânsito, Dança de Diadema, Epaço Dança (EL SALVADOR) Festival Nomada - Compañia Nacional de Danza (PANAMA) FAE Festival internacional de Artes Escenicas (CHILE) Plantar (ARGENTINA) Una Constante (VENEZUELA) Escuela Nacional de Danza> Teatro Alberto de Paz y Mateos  (CANADA) Circuit-Est centre Chorégraphique, L’Artère, Université du Québec à Montréal (UNITED STATES) Gybney Dance Center through Fail Space NYC (MEXICO) ATLAS México Festival, Centro Nacional de las Artes, ENDCC, ADM, EPDM, ESMDM, UV, UNAM, END, UG, UAQ, UABC, UNISON, ESDS, BUAP, CEMA, Camp-in, RED de Festivales Norte, Sur y Centro Occidente among other festivals, institutions, schools and private and independent studios.


Nowadays, his pedagogical proposal stands amongst the main vanguards in international dance teaching, positioning him as an essential piece within the pedagogical networks in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He is a direct disciple of David Zambrano and his techniques. His choreographic speech has been displayed in diverse stages and platforms of the performing arts scene where he has always portrayed his creative profile. The press qualifies him as “One of the 7 new emerging choreographers”; “An international reference and one of the most representative performers of the new Mexican dance scene” therefore being one of the most representative ambassadors of Mexican performing arts in the international horizon.


Throughout his career he has developed as a performer, choreographer, educator and light designer in several meetings and festivals in Mexico, The US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Russia, Finland, Singapore, Israel and India.


He has received several awards, residencies and grants in Latin America and Europe. He has received grants by the National Fund for Culture and Arts FONCA and the current System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects SACPC within the programs:

Mexico on Scene MEGA 2021-2022, Grant for Cultural Projects and Co-investments 2017-2018 and 2014-2015, Performing Arts Meeting ENARTES 2016, Scenic Creators 2015-2016, 2011-2012 and 2009-2010, Young Creators 2013-2014,  Incentives for Creation and Artistic Development Guanajuato 2007-2008.