Francisco Córdova generates spontaneous performative processes through dance, delivering dramaturgical constructions based on sound, geographical (the site of intervention/performance) and physical conditions, depending on the scenic happening he does it solo and/or with others.


"We are interested in improvisation as a performance and art form, as away of thinking and playing, and as a world view. We believe that within the practice of improvisation lies a key to another way of being with one another, one that encourages spontaneity, challenge, discovery, and the expansion of creativity.[…]                                                                                                                                  (Kaplan).


(Francisco Córdova)   


* Sanskar India International Dance Festival (Goa, India)

* Tictac Art Centre (Brussels, Belgium)

* ATLAS México Festival (Guanajuato, México)

* Una Constante (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

* Casa Cortocinesis (Bogotá, Colombia) 

* Residencia Taxi (Quito, Ecuador) 

* WFF (Sant Petersburg, Russia) 

* CBB. (Barcelona, Spain)

* MovR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

* Various Festivals (México)

* Dance Circuit"Transit". (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)