Performative Scenic Lab.

A creation/collaboration between Francisco Córdova (Physical Momentum) , Karen de Luna (Proyecto al Margen), Shantí Vera (Cuatro x Cuatro) and Diego Martínez Lanz (Proyecto al Margen),  created on January 2017.


“To Forget the Words"  exposes a disassembled meaning of the body on stage as a space for thought and the detachment of the audience member being the performer the one with the power of speech. 

(Image/Word) (Body/Word) (Thought/Word) 


Physical Momentum / Proyecto al Margen / CuatroxCuatro 

Creators : Francisco Córdova. Karen de Luna, Shanti Vera, Diego M. Lanz

Sound Design: Diego Martínez Lanz


* Project supported by the Program of Scenic Creators of FONCA and the   

   Socio Cultural Studies Department of ITESO.

* Creative Residencies: 1.Guadalajara, 2.Barcelona, 3.Guadalajara